Sierra Club and Santolina developers agree

Finally, our Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter and Santolina developers agree on something: Tim Keller won’t sell Albuquerque’s water out to sprawl development.

The Albuquerque Journal reported that the developers of the proposed Santolina megasprawl project were behind the discredited attack ads against Tim Keller. Why? Probably because they know they can’t buy him off.

After vetting the candidates in Albuquerque’s mayoral race, our Sierra Club Central New Mexico Group agrees:

Tim Keller has the best environmental record and is the most committed to preserving our water, our climate and our Bosque.

Our Central New Mexico Group has also endorsed Diane Gibson, a champion for the Bosque and the environment, for City Council District 7, and Cynthia Borrego , a strong Bosque supporter, for City Council District 5 (a chance to pick up a pro-environment vote on the council).

The Albuquerque election is TODAY – Tuesday, October 3! Please vote (click here for locations). Local elections are where we will make a real difference for good in the next few years.

Paid for by the the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club PAC.

Sierra Club and Santolina developers agree