Let’s build a clean-energy economy in New Mexico

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Community solar  |  Sustainable Economy Task Force  |  Air-Quality safeguards

Climate change is a global emergency. From dead junipers made more susceptible to bark beetles because of drought to declining reservoir levels and agricultural yields, we are feeling climate disruption now, and scientists tell us we need bold action to prevent it from getting much, much worse.

New Mexico contributes more than its fair share to climate disruption, with the most oil and gas production on federal lands of any state. The oil and gas industry is threatening that President Biden’s pause on new federal oil and gas leasing will cost New Mexico, but the industry has stockpiled enough permits to drill for years even if no more leases are issued.

  • 97.5% of suitable federal landshttps://www.coloradocollege.edu/other/stateoftherockies/conservationinthewest/2021/NM2021_SotR_StateFactSheets.pdf in New Mexico have already been leased to oil and gas drilling;

  • 18% of deaths worldwide attributed to pollution from fossil fuels, according to a Harvard study — 8 million people died because of fossil-fuel emissions in 2018;

  • 74% of New Mexicans believe oil and gas development on public lands should be halted or significantly limited, 65% prefer Congress prioritize conservation and recreation over energy development on public lands, and 71% favor a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy.

    It’s time to look to other sources of revenue that don’t endanger our children’s lives. New Mexico has had enough of industry fear tactics. San Juan coal plant is slated to stop polluting in 2022, thanks to your activism, to be replaced by $1.1 billion worth of investment in solar energy and storage in Northwest New Mexico.New Mexico legislators and community-led organizations have presented a slate of transformational bills during the 2021 legislative session that you can act on today!

    Community solar (SB84)

    This legislation will make solar power accessible and affordable to all New Mexicans. This bill would allow individuals, school districts, municipalities and tribal governments to subscribe to solar energy without having to install solar panels on site.

    • Community solar programs will cut energy costs for Tribes by allowing Tribes to construct a solar array facility on their lands to offset the energy costs of tribal buildings and residences.
    • Community solar will create energy sovereignty and independence while becoming a source of economic development.
    • Community solar will reduce and mitigate the risks of climate change in order to preserve our ancestral lands and cultural practices.
      Ask Gov. Lujan Grisham to sign Community Solar today!

      Sustainable Economy Task Force (SB112)

      This is New Mexico’s opportunity to create a path to economic recovery from that focuses on modeling climate-conscious and resilient economic development — resulting in a more fair economy where all New Mexicans prosper while tackling the ever-growing threat of the climate crisis. The task force would recommend new, healthier economic-development opportunities and will be responsible for implementing recommendations from a survey of thousands of frontline workers and families all across New Mexico. Now is the time to rebuild better by ensuring that historically disadvantaged communities have a seat at the table to envision a stronger and healthier New Mexico.
      Ask Gov. Lujan Grisham to sign SB112 into law!

      Local Government Air-Quality Regulations (SB8)

      For too long, New Mexico’s regulators have been handcuffed by an antiquated law that constrains them from creating air and hazardous-waste protections stronger than federal regulations. The law has enormous consequences – particularly for those living near hot spots of pollution, including methane, volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollution from oil and gas operations. The stringency limitations also have kept New Mexico’s Environment Department from setting standards for PFAS cleanup. SB8 eliminates this damaging law to help make sure that overburdened communities are protected in addressing climate, clean air and hazardous waste. SB8 has passed the Legislature and has one more stop.
      Please ask Gov. Lujan Grisham to sign SB8 into law!


Let’s build a clean-energy economy in New Mexico