Bosquitos – April 2018

Calling all Bosquitos!

On April 14 we have an outing to learn about the Rio Grande and River Engineering with a civil/environmental engineer! This outing will be geared for ages 8 and up (although everybody is invited).

Topics will include water issues of the Rio Grande, human-made features along the river which interact with the Rio’s sediment and water conveyance; and also how engineering and natural systems distribute sediment and water to create habitat for endangered species.

We will address questions such as:

  • What makes a river? Why are rivers important?
  • What is sediment? How does sediment affect the Rio Grande?
  • What are the man-made features surrounding the Rio Grande in the Bosque, what is their purpose?
  • How does the river change in response to man-made and natural features?
  • What are endangered species? Why are they important?
  • How has the changing river affected endangered species habitat? How can man-made features create habitat?

Presenter Aubrey Harris is a civil engineer working with the river analysis group for the US Bureau of Reclamation, an agency responsible for managing water in the western United States. This talk is not sponsored by the US Bureau of Reclamation nor will the talk necessarily reflect the views of this agency.

We will meet at 10 am on the sidewalk just west of the Paseo del Bosque trail’s entrance to the Rio Grande Nature Center and the Albuquerque Riverside Drain. The talk will consist of a walk to the river together using nature trails off the bike path. Meeting place can be accessed by continuing on the Bosque Trail north of Candelaria, or parking at the Rio Grande Nature Center, walking through and exiting at the bike trail. Parking at the Nature Center is $3 per vehicle.  If you need special assistance, please call/text Sarita Streng in advance to make arrangements at 505-288-8713.

The Bosquitos are the youth-centered group of the Bosque Action Team. Our mission is to learn about Albuquerque’s Bosque, the animals and plants that live there, and ways to take care of the Bosque and our earth as a precious natural space.

If you would like to organize an event for our group or have suggestions for other outings or educational events, we would love ideas and more volunteers.  Thank you!  Please contact Sarita Streng at 505-288-8713 or Julie Hudson at jth@cybermesa.com.

Bosquitos – April 2018