Contact information for key House and Senate committees

Phone numbers for key House and Senate committees hearing pro- and anti-environment bills soon:

OPPOSE: Public-lands seizure, SB182, “Early Childhood Land Grant Act.” Hearing 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in Room 311 at the Roundhouse

Senate Education Committee
Senator William P. Soules, D, Chair 986-4834
Senator Mimi Stewart, D Vice Chair 986-4267
Senator Candace Gould, R 986-4266
Senator Bill B. O’Neill, D 986-4260
Senator Michael Padilla, D, 986-4726
Senator John Pinto, D 986-4835
Senator James P. White, R 986-4395
Senator Craig W. Brandt, R, Ranking Member 986-4385

SUPPORT: Protect greater Chaco Canyon, HJM5, TODAY, Feb. 7, at 1:30 in Room 317
New Mexico House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee
Representative Matthew McQueen – (D)
Capitol Phone: 986-4421
Representative Nathan P. Small – (D)
Capitol Phone: 986-4254
Representative Candy Spence Ezzell (short e’s, emphasis on second syllable)- (R)
Capitol Phone: 986-4211
Representative Joanne J. Ferrary – (D)
Capitol Phone: 986-4336
Representative David M. Gallegos – (R)
Capitol Phone: 986-4454
Representative Bill McCamley – (D)
Capitol Phone: 986-4415
Representative Rod Montoya – (R) – Min. Whip
Capitol Phone: 986-4757
Representative Greg Nibert (long I)- (R)
Capitol Phone: 986-4211 (same as Rep. Ezzell)
Representative Angelica Rubio – (D)
Capitol Phone: 986-4464
Representative Debra M. Sariñana – (D)
Capitol Phone: 986-4464
Representative Larry R. Scott – (R)
Capitol Phone: 986-4450
Representative James R.J. Strickler – (R)
Capitol Phone: 986-4226
Session Switchboard (505) 986-4300

HB199, bill that imposes unfair constraints on local solar installers, will go to the House Judiciary Committee next. Please call the office of each member of the committee and just tell the person who answers the phone,
“My name is XXX; I am a New Mexico resident and I’m calling to ask. Rep. XXX to oppose HB199, which
would hurt local solar small businesses.” If one of these committee members is your representative, make sure to say “I’m a constituent of Rep. XXX”!

House Judiciary Committee

Representative Gail Chasey, 986-4411, D, Chair

Representative Javier Martínez, 986-4436, D Vice Chair

Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon, 986-4425, D

Representative Cathrynn N. Brown, 986-4210, R

Representative Zachary J. Cook, 986-4233, R

Representative Jim Dines, 986-4242, R

Representative Brian Egolf, 986-4782, D

Representative Daymon Ely, 986-4336, D

Representative Nate Gentry, 986-4757, R

Representative Georgene Louis, 986-4327, D

Representative Matthew McQueen, 986-4421, D

Representative Greg Nibert, 986-4211, R

Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm, 986-4214


Contact information for key House and Senate committees

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