Electrify New Mexico!

Wondering what in the world a heat pump is, and which kinds are best for New Mexico?
Want to know why waiting until the end of the year is a bad time to install solar in New Mexico?
Concerned about health-harming gases in your kitchen?
Want an EV, but don’t like the choices available for purchase?
Tired of high heating bills?

Join 350NewMexico on their new Electrify New Mexico website. It will answer these and other questions about how going electric will save you money, clean your air and reduce carbon emissions. Find out how to optimize generous, but confusing, rebates and tax credits so that these efficient, high-performance appliances will cost you a lot less – for some people, nothing at all.

On May 22, 2023, they held a webinar on electrifying New Mexico, which has been archived for those who were unable to attend. You can view the YouTube video below, and download the slide deck here.

Electrify New Mexico!