Still working for Puerto Rico

By Camilla Feibelman, Rio Grande Chapter director

It’s been more than three months since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, leaving almost the entire island without power.

While recovery is under way and conditions on the ground are slowly improving, hundreds of thousands of residents of the island still lack reliable electric power and some are still without access to safe drinking water.

To help address these issues, the Sierra Club is working closely with staff and volunteers in Puerto Rico to help bring a just and green recovery from the ravages of both Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

In addition to distributing hot food, solar lights and water filtration systems, our team gave grants to partner organizations doing first response on the ground, and is now doing grantmaking for long-term recovery.

Our national policy team is working for a just recovery package from Congress and is helping develop a plan for a sustainable rebuild of the grid. There are lots of ways that you can help. Go here to donate: bit.ly/mariarecovery.

Featured image from WikiMedia Commons.

Still working for Puerto Rico