Volunteer profile: Heather Kline

This is part of a series on the many different types of skills volunteers offer the Sierra Club. We connected with Heather Kline after she answered a volunteer survey we emailed to supporters. Heather has become indispensible as an event planner and organizer for our Albuquerque-based Central New Mexico Group.

Question: How and when did you get involved with the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter?

Answer: I have been involved with the Chapter and the Central Group for over three years now. I had volunteered with the Sierra Club when I lived in Minnesota and have been a member for many years, so I was interested in getting more involved here in New Mexico.

What type of work do you do for the chapter?

I started out tabling and working on the Wild America team. Before too long I was doing all kinds of different things (data entry, phone calls, etc.), and Camilla Feibelman asked if I’d be interested in serving on the Central Group Executive Committee. I’m still involved with that group, where my main activities are planning First Friday art events at the Albuquerque office and helping out with Sierra Club & Rootbeer events, as well as maintaining our Meetup group web page.

Why do you volunteer for the Rio Grande Chapter?

I care very deeply about environmental issues. I believe it is our responsibility as citizens to get involved at a local level in the issues that concern us, as our schedules allow.

What inspires you to work for the environment?

Without clean air and water, everything else ceases to matter. Without wilderness, we lose our connection to our basic humanity. These are the most essential things, and unfortunately they require protection from selfish private interests.

What would you tell others who are interested in getting involved?

There are so many different ways to get involved with the Club, and it is truly a grassroots organization that relies on your efforts. Depending on your interests, skills, and availability, there is something rewarding you can do to help.

What’s your favorite thing about the Sierra Club?

There is a real sense of inspiration and solidarity, which I think is so important during a time when many progressives feel defeated. It’s a real community of like-minded people, and we do a lot of fun things.

Volunteer profile: Heather Kline