map of the Santa Fe National Forest

On December 10, 2015, a coalition of environmental organizations submitted comments on the Santa Fe National Forest Revision Plan, Findings from the Draft Assessment: Twelve Focus Areas and Preliminary Need for Change Statements.

A summary of the comments is below:

The Greater Chaco Coalition supports what the science demands in the worldwide action to reverse the devastating impacts of climate change. Up to 450 billion tons of potential greenhouse gas pollution could be immediately removed from the global pool of potential climate pollution by stopping new federal leasing.

Stopping federal fossil fuel leasing makes economic sense. According to the federal government’s estimates, the burning of publicly owned fossil fuels costs society between $16 billion and $155 billion in climate-related damages per year. Further, the unlimited potential for clean energy jobs in the renewable energy and efficiency sectors are the path to a just transition for a clean energy future.

The cost of continuing federal fossil fuel leasing to our land, climate and communities is too high. The science is clear that, to maintain a good chance of avoiding catastrophic levels of warming, the world must keep the vast majority of its remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

We request that a Keep it in the Ground Alternative be included and evaluated as part of the decision making process and part of the Forest Revision Plan.

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Map image from the Santa Fe National Forest 

Comments Submitted – Santa Fe National Forest Revision Plan