Climate Action Platform

As we Rise at the Rio for Climate, Water Jobs and Justice on Sept 8, 2018,

our coalition of organizations and individuals are calling on elected officials and candidates to join our call to action on the climate, water, jobs and justice.  The following is our Call to Action:


We call on all candidates for every elected office to take the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, nofossilfuelmoney.org

Federal Government

We call on the federal government and our senators and representatives to protect the air, water, land and communities of the Greater Chaco landscape from current and further oil and gas extracting by canceling the upcoming lease sale and halting all future leasing until the Resource Management Plan Amendment is completed.

And to support strong federal climate legislation such as the OFF Act for 100% Clean Renewable Energy.


We call on all state senators and candidates for the New Mexico House to support an updated renewable portfolio standard for 50% renewable electricity by 2030 and 80% by 2040 for investor-owned utilities.  Our coalition supports a just transition for workers in affected communities including job retraining and tax base recovery.

State government

We call on the incoming governor to promulgate a state methane rule through the Environmental Improvement Board that would dramatically reduce oil and gas waste and pollution.  We also call on the incoming governor to implement a state sustainability policy for all branches of the government.


We call on counties to commit to setting ambitious goals for solar energy on county facilities and to pass strong oil and gas ordinances that protect air, water and community health.


We call on cities to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement by inventorying carbon pollution and taking specific measurable steps to reduce carbon emissions and to implement the 2018 building codes.


We call on all individuals to vote, to participate in public processes to reduce our local carbon footprint and to take specific steps to reduce our personal carbon footprint.   We also call on Individuals to do their part in promoting and living a sustainable way of life, based on science and ethics, and our acknowledged interconnectedness to the environment.

(Sign the pledge, whether you are an individual, candidate or organization, at the candidate corner of the fair, or tag your name on the event on Facebook!)

Climate Action Platform