Summer 2020 Outings

As you’re probably aware, all local Sierra Club outings are cancelled thru August 31st and we should learn more by mid-August if the moratorium on outings will be extended beyond that date. We remain optimistic and so we’ve posted outings on our calendar for September and beyond and you can find an outing fit for you on our events calendar.

Meanwhile, maybe you’ve been doing your best to stay positive as we remain safe and healthy during the C-19 pandemic. Perhaps you’ve been out for a few local hikes with family or friends, or even soloing to maintain the appropriate nature levels in your brain and bloodstream. But, it might be time for some inspiration, a good story or two, and the chance to learn something new. I’ve rounded-up a list of outdoor related podcasts that might fill-the-bill and be just the shot in the arm that you need right now.

Here are a few I’ve found as well as the general topics they cover, and there are literally thousands more that you can explore. If you’ve never listened to a podcast: on your computer, smartphone or other device, merely go to the page I’ve linked below, click on the icon for the podcast you wish to hear, if necessary select the appropriate platform for you (Apple or other) and depress the > {play} button. Here goes:

Sierra Club has its own podcast entitled “Overstory”. Sierra Club is new to the podcast universe and is slowly building their library with timely topics. Topics: Ecological & social issues, hiking, green living, diversity, equality & inclusion, BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color), the planet. Stay tuned for more as this evolves.

(Note: the following list does not imply endorsement by Sierra Club but is provided for education and entertainment)

The Rich Roll podcast is my #1 go-to podcast and touts over 75 million downloads. Hosted by a former UC Stanford swimmer, and entertainment attorney turned alcoholic, who became an ultra-endurance athlete and vegan. Hands-down one of the best interviewers you’ll ever hear owing to his legal training. Gets to the heart of interviewees to find out what makes them tick and often explores failure as a learning opportunity. You can also watch the video of his interviews on YouTube. Topics: Ultra-endurance sports, substance abuse, rock climbing, running, camping, hiking, long distance backpacking, veganism/vegetarianism, diet, meditation, training, mental toughness, the planet.

Dirtbag Diaries is a podcast that’s been around for an eternity when measured in podcast years. Anyone can find a story that will keep them glued to their headphones. Includes fascinating stories told by those who’ve lived them firsthand. Topics: Hiking, long distance backpacking, rock-climbing, ultra-endurance sports, adventure, travel, bike-packing.

The Women on the Road podcast presents stories from women who have lived adventure on the road, often traveling in their RV’s, buses or cars to see what’s over the next hill. Topics: Van-life, adventure, bicycling/bike-packing, hiking, climbing, travel, camping, LGBTQ, women’s health, safety, traveling with children, working from the road, diversity, equality, inclusion, BIPOC.

Wild Ideas Worth Living is REI Co-op’s entry into the podcast game. Covers virtually every topic you can think of that is related to adventure writ large. Hosted by professional surfer Shelby Stanger who takes a “what did you learn from that experience” approach to her interviews. Topics: Adventure, travel, bicycling, hiking, backpacking, surfing, diet, camping, rock climbing/mountaineering, LGBTQ, BIPOC, wildlife and ocean protection.

Lets Go Together is hosted by adventurer and explorer Kellee Edwards as she provides the perspective of a black woman who has traveled the world. She’s new to podcasting and offers you a new lens from which to view the world. Topics: Diversity, equality, inclusion, travel, traveling with disabilities, LGBTQ, BIPOC, camping, scuba, hiking, outdoor adventure.

Outside Magazine offers some of the stories found in its printed edition on their Outside podcast. Topics: Adventure, travel, climbing, running, skiing, swimming, ecological issues, mountain biking and more.

I hope you find something that keeps you inspired and we’ll see you out there on the trail very soon.

Terry Owen
Rio Grande Chapter Outings Chairman
Military Outdoors Outings Chairman

Summer 2020 Outings